Saturday, July 30, 2005


Set phasers to cute

Well, we're back, rolled into the house around 1:30 this morning. The trip was completely awesome. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous scenery, good company, lots of work done, tons of animals and one small snag, in a new personal record for me and everyone else in the group our 15 bags didn't make the flight up to Fairbanks. It was partly my fault. In Nome I said "Oh, it's okay I haven't grabbed my keys yet, it's tough for Alaska Airlines to mess up getting bags from Nome to Fairbanks." So, the actionpacker with my keys is down in Anchorage. Nice. But, even though it's late I'm absolutely dying to show a sample of some of the incredible stuff we saw. Check out the cutest fox puppies we saw. Do they make you melt or what!

fox cubs

fox cubs

fox cubs

fox cubs

Now... to bed.

... stand by for more in the near future...

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Home Shopping Channel Highlight of the Day

So, they're selling the Roomba, the robot vacuum cleaner, and comparing it to a regular upright vacuum cleaner...
"So, take for example this guy here. While Roomba gets completely underneath that coffee table, he or she only goes partway because of the handle..."

One danger of humanizing inanimate objects: maintaining gender neutral language.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


A meal fit for a King

Seriously, you've got to try this no matter how much it sounds like deep fried twinkies:

Ingredients --
1 Box of Doughnut holes
1 4pack of chocolate handi-snacks

Dip the doughnut holes in the handi-snacks and eat up. Amazingly good no matter what it sounds like and just happened across it tonight by accident of course.


Plot of the Day

The general circulation models give some idea of how fast the climate's changing but maybe they've been missing the real reason for the warming. Here's some food for thought:

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Oot and Aboot

Went down to the Tangle Lakes Camping with the dogs this weekend to here:
Google Satellite Map Image

It was a good first hike for Midge, had some trouble with the whole wandering away bit but she'll get there. She almost got eaten by some birds, they kept divebombing her and got so close she was rolling over on the ground that was a little weird but she survived unscathed so yay for stupid animal vs. stupid bird coming to a draw. And, didn't see any bears, I think.. maybe one rock bear but I headed around the other side of the hill without bothering to figure out which it was (I hadn't noticed it on the way out so my vote was rock but better safe than sorry and all...).
So, pictures up later hopefully.

Friday, July 08, 2005


I've hit the big time.

Put it in the books, for the moment I'm on the first page of google for "back is super sunburned" Cue the dancing music.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Driving Alaska

Well, here was our route in case you're curious. There is of course some overlap here and there.

Big trip route

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


1700 miles later

Well, John Johnson, the dogs, and I went on a big road trip around the state to see places we hadn't been to yet for the fourth of July. More pictures will come later but here's a couple to get going. It was cool though despite the rain everywhere. Our days looked like this:
Friday - Fairbanks to Palmer via Hatcher Pass
Saturday - Palmer to someplace near Nabesna with a stop at Lake Louise over the Glenn highway, the Richardson, the Tok Cutoff and Wrangel St. Elias national park.
Sunday - Nabensa to McCarthy (southern end of Wrangel St. Elias park) and then up to the Tangle Lakes and the Denali Highway.
Monday - Tangle Lakes to Palmer over the old Denali Highway (Paxson to Cantwell) and then down the Parks.
Tuesday - Palmer to Fairbanks via Hatcher Pass.

The trips was awesome. Good food, good scenery despite the rain, and a healthy dose of off-kilter people from local nuts to tourists.

So, here's a tweety bird near Hatcher Pass:
Lemon Flavored Tweety Bird

A ground squirrel I snuck up on (poor little guy's getting chewed on by a mosquito):
Cute little ground squirrel

Chilling with the rock cairn family in Wrangell-St.Elias Park
Hanging out with rocks


Eminent Domain Alaska Style

An early case perhaps of Eminent Domain?

House in McCarthy

... it's an old cabin down near McCarthy in the SE corner of the state.

PS, back from the great tour of Alaska. Perhaps the redneck tour of Alaska since most places the four wheeler to person ratio was about 1 to 1.5.

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