Sunday, January 29, 2006


Icy 33 Memorial

I'm glad they showed it on the televeision but how come they didn't advertise it more that it was going to be on tv?
... came across this story when I was watching the service:

New Marlboro Man

Kind of a follw up story to one of the lasting images of the war:

Friday, January 27, 2006


Double Brr

The temperature's been hovering between -40 and -50 for the past day. There's no end in sight.

But, walking has been tolerable (amazingly) and -45 seems to have become the old -25, bearable if just a bit on the chilly side. Geez, time for a vacation if this is my outlook...

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Coldest Auroras ever

It was 40 something below last night, -45 at the moment, but, the aurora was putting on a good show so I headed out around midnight and took some pictures until the camera froze. Not the best but definitely the coldest pictures I've ever taken. Perhaps it's time for another shot of the thermometer for posterity. Anyway, things were pretty laid back and I was ready to head back in (took me a while to get on enough clothes to head out so I missed one show) when it finally kicked back up again. Would have been a good night for a wider lens...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


NADP Transfer Ceremony

My last official day of NADP duty (weekly precipitation stuff that happens every Tuesday out at Caribou Poker Creeks) was yesterday. Yay! Next week I pass the torch to Brian and Jamie up over at IAB in the Bonanza Creek LTER program. It was a frosty -40 yesterday and super glad I wasn't out there today because it was -50 this morning, -40 here in town and probably dropping again. So, in celebration, here are a few pictures from yesterday.

Snowmachining to the station:

Changing out the dead batteries (70 lb batteries and very cold to boot):

Changing out the bucket that catches the snow in the winter:

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Letter to the Editor Part Deux: Success

Boy, the cold continues. Anchorage was nice in the positive single digits yesterday but it's back to the minus 20s and 30s here in Fairbanks. I was so cold when I got back last night into Fairbanks from the AWRA meeting. It's turning into a respectable cold snap. Had my last official day of NADP duty out at Caribou Poker Creeks today. Totally digging having the warm snow machine waiting out there in the garage.

...I wanted to hang on to this link for posterity. Former state representative Jeanette James got her feathers ruffled by last week's letter. Who knows how bothered she was but it was enough to be full of lots of thoughts and little organization. So, that's pretty cool. Tune in this February for the next installment.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Permafrost stuff

Well, busy procrastinating on putting together my presentation for the Alaska AWRA annual meeting in snowy Anchorage Monday. Anyhoo, came up with another cool to me plot of the permafrost out there. Haven't taken snow into consideration which is a key detail but, here's where I'm at now. At AGU I met a couple folks who suggested I try another model. So, that's what this is a product of:

Friday, January 20, 2006


Letter to the Editor Time

Got another published in today's paper. Pretty tame but who knows, maybe somebody'll write back this time:
News-Miner Website



We're getting a good old fashioned winter this year in Fairbanks. Not like past years where it'd get maybe down to 30 below once or twice. Brr! We were just talking about how good this winter is for the permafrost yesterday. So, for better or for worse I'm further developing my relative temperature scale. Here's the long standing one for riding a bike in the winter (or at least my bike, been consistent across a couple winters)

0 to -5 Somewhat hard to change gears but pretty easy to change between 3 to 4
-5 to -15 Pretty much down to a single gear but can be changed with difficulty
-15 to -30 Only have one gear to pedal with
-30 cogs in the freewheel stop clicking
-38 to -45 cogs in the freewheel stop clicking in about 15 minutes when the bike goes from room temperature to the cold.

Here's the rough walking scale:
0 to -5 time for a mouth cover
0 to -15 glove liners good enough for the hands
-15 to -25 frost build up on eyelashes
-15 to -32 Heavy gloves to keep the hands from freezing
-32 switch from heavy gloves to super mittens

Anyway, I think this station of GWs shows pretty close the temperature at my place (don't mind the 2005 they're always slow about changing the years to the current one):

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Weird Spam

Can you believe this guy didn't want money? He's got this great invention... Well, I'm not really sure what he wants but its an entertaining read. I think he's claiming to run a 220 Volt AC light bulb with a single Double-A battery using a computer processor. But, I'm not completely sure. There's also that bit about creating gravity and anti-gravity. Hmm. Maybe if you have VOIP or Skype it would be worth a call at 3am Romanian time.

My name is BULIMAR HENCIU DANIEL, i lived in LUGOJ, district TIMIS, ROMANIA, and from 10 years i trying to discover something, and now i succeeded. Is about a device who work with one battery type R6 at 1.5V and for one second this device has switch on one auto bulb (light) by 12V,21W. Whole an auto bulb i succeeded to switch with one battery TYPE AG3 at 1.5V,25mAh this is a unbelievable thing. In physic don`t exist formuls who can prove possibility of this experiment construction. The device don`t use formal methods from classic physic. The current have other propertyes and he behave different.
Now we have access at digital tehnology and we know that one microprocessor can make up awards of 1000 discharge in one second, this mean a very big current.
This experiment is important for the next discoveryes.
Can`t obtain antigravity or controled gravity only with 50-60Hz, thus is needed a big frequency and a big current intensity. At this time all of this are just a theory, but what i was obtained practically will help at realisation of this projects.

If my device was build in lab conditions then it will can have input one battery Ag3, that means 1.5V at 25mAh and for one second this device has switch on one bulb (light) by 220V,100W. This nobody can do.

Thank you,
My phone number are:
0040-721-897075 OR 0040-746-096114

Friday, January 06, 2006


Finally a bit of Aurora

Well, I missed a couple of good ones this fall but I caught some decent stuff last night. The cooler part was that I wandered out onto the Creamer's field ski trails so I was in a new spot. Hopefully it will be back again this weekend so I can try the spots out again...

The other cool thing is that the moon's out right now so there's lots of light even at night. And, who knows, if we ever get more snow maybe there'll be some on the trees again..

Monday, January 02, 2006


More Cool Science

Here's a totally fascinating article about similarities in animal physics between flyers, runners, and swimmers.

In other news, West Virginia is totally trouncing Georgia and it's hardly the second quarter.
Happy New Years

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