Monday, September 04, 2006


Mixing it up a bit

Kind of off topic for here but there's a fascinating article out from the New Yorker about an old Al Qaeda dude in the witness protection program.
New Yorker Article

It's all pretty interesting (I wonder if he was the dude that led to the missle attack on Sudan in the 90s) but a couple of the lighter moments include the guy telling a policeman that he knows Osama Bin Laden in order to get out of a speeding ticket and complaining to his FBI protectors about not being able to have multiple wives.

Other interesting things of the day, finished reading this book about the amish over the weekend. Pretty interesting read as you may have possibly heard:
Rumspringa: to be or not to be Amish

And another odd link I came across while looking for the title of that book (you'd think I'd remember since I finished last night but I was putting an h on the end of 'rumspringa'...
The physics crackpot index

Gooood times.


September Auroras Round 1

Well, nothing super but it was nice to get out again since there wasn't work today (I wish)... earlier in the evening the activity index was super high but by the time it got dark things had started laying back down.

I wanted to try out a new spot I'd seen walking the dogs so here's a couple pictures from a thermokarst pond back on the ski trails near Jurassic Peat. I walked the perimeter as best I could in the dark (reminded me of wandering through totem park without a light back when I was a kid). I had a light and turned it on a couple times to so I wouldn't fall into the pond but otherwise was crunching around in the dark. A bird and I mutually scared ourselves to death but otherwise it was pretty uneventful.

Here's one from me goofing around. Kind of different sort of picture with all that steam that you can't see when the flash isn't used. So, hopefully I'll get some more interesting stuff from this place as the fall goes on. Cousin Bill^jr. is coming up in a couple weeks so hopefully we can treat him right, too. Well, until later...

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