Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Post Christmas Recap

Hi everybody, more AGU and WY/ NE pictures to come in a bit but in the meantime here's some stuff from the past couple of days since we came back. Sunday night was the annual Christmas Eve at Sam (and now Jill)'s place. It was pretty fun and a common thread to the evening was stuck vehicles. I helped push this 2wd truck out onto the road (it was worse than it looked by a smidge). It's sometimes hard to believe they let Texans move up here. This guy had this big ol impress everyone in Texas truck but it's only 2wd and he couldn't even get out of the soft snow on level ground.

So, that was Christmas Eve. Today was finish things up at the old cabin day. Here's a few pictures of the fire everyone missed (and you missed out). So, we say goodbye to the storage lift vans from the big furniture move:

Finally, torching the spool (Hagen's taking an ax to the spool here):

Check out how hot the fire got, this is steel from the spool:

And we finished the day off with some nice night skiing on campus:

Totally ready for bed now...

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from Bill the Buffalo and the rest of us!


Happy Belated AGU 2006

Well, AGU was crazy busy. We were going from 7am to past midnight every night. So, not much to report from there. Met some more cool people and of course hello to all the new Nebraska friends! I'll post more house pictures soon although now that we're further along in the moving in process maybe this picture from last month will be enough to tide you over for a bit:

Here's a few pictures from AGU that need to see the light of day, too. Jessie's first commercial property venture:

Good holiday spirit outside Macy's in San Francisco:

A couple posters from the conference:

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