Saturday, April 28, 2007


Random Junkery

Okay, post overload, I know. Had a couple other things to get out there. We saw this car at the movie theatre the other night. Aren't you glad this wasn't the work of your dog!

Came in to work a couple weeks ago and the whole office stank up someting awful. Popped open the fridge and this milk was close to exploding. Check out the date. I found it in late April. Total nast.

We've got squirrel problems right now. There's this one that just harasses us and the dogs like crazy. Here's one of his homes. That's some house insulation that the little varmint took into the tree with him. So, the dogs and I have our eyes open for it.


And the ice goes out

Little late for this year but this spring I created a statistical model to guess breakup on the Tanana for the Nenana ice classic. Well, the ice has gone out and the model predicted within one day. It would have been closer but there was an ice jam Thursday that delayed the tripod going in the water by one day. How cool is that! I'll post the spreadsheet later so anyone can try it next year. It uses meteorological data from Nenana, Fairbanks, SNOTEL, and the ice thickness in Nenana.
So, the ice has gone out but in its memory here are a few pictures of ice on the Chena from earlier this month:


Fire up the Garden

Kind of domestic but we've been working on a garden the last month or so. Check out our setup... the garden without snow (green house is off to the left):

Here are our glorious little baby plants. Let's see, we've gone whole hog on this like 3 or 4 kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, cucumber, summer squash, a boat load of pumpkins(!), cabbage, and celery started. For outside we've got the snow peas, sugar peas, and regular peas. Tomorrow we're going to start outside the carrots, lettuce, spinach, kale, scallions, and collards. How crazy is that. The tall stuff in this picture are our pumpkins. They're already like 8" tall.

Here's tomatoes on the right and on the left are the zucchini, cucumber, and summer squash.

I thought I killed them off at the beginning but after learning a bit about proper grow light use we're back in business and they're growing like gangbusters. I just repotted a cucumber today and the root system ran all throughout the pot it was in. Unbelievable! So, thinks are looking good for a summer of vegetables. Maybe just found strawberries and rasberries outside today. Cross our fingers anyway.

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