Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ah Nature

Saw this today when checking on my garden stuff and cracked me up. Took the tomatoes outside yesterday to toughen them up before June 1st deployment and we may not have 60+ by then but it was good to get them some outdoor exposure on the weekend.

More fun with the new camera lens.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


More garden

Clang clang clang. Yeah, it's almost a month later and these plants are starting to look pretty cool. I've started hardening the squash, pumpkin, celery, and cucumbers today. Hopefully they'll be ready to spend the night outside tomorrow and then it's off to the outside garden to grown strong and bear fruit or whatever they say. In the tomato department, still don't really know how many are going to last the season but we've got 60+ tomatoes ready for deployment. Can you believe it? Me either. Jenny gave us some other herbs and stuff so we also have hot peppers to go with our bell peppers. So, it might be shaping up to be a pretty turbo vegetable year.

Here's some fun with the camera lens I traded Hagen for:

Well, out to weed...

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