Saturday, October 01, 2005


Nome Storm

Well, there'll be more from Nome over the weekend but here's a picture from the big storm. The weather was awesome, reminded me of the fall storms back in Sitka. These waves were totally dumping on me as they blew ashore.

September 2005 Nome Storm


Christmas in October

Well, after a long spell of travel I'm back. I was in town a week ago just long enough to pick up this prize at Freddy's:

Snow Globe

Is that crazy or what? Yeah, how could I say no. What's hard to see there are the styrofoam beads falling down from the top of the snow globe. Well, that plus it's hard to see that it's 6 feet tall in the picture... Anyway, cooler pictures and stuff to come from the last trip to Nome of the year where we got hit with a typhoon out there from Japan while the rest of the country was fretting about Rita. They were canoing through the streets of Golovin but Nome was okay except for a bit of flooding downtown.

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