Friday, March 16, 2007


Seattle Trip

Jessie and I got out of Fairbanks for a warm weekend in Seattle last week. It was nice to get out after being stuck here in Fairbanks with the cold snap. The period of 2/15 through 3/15 was the coldest for that time period on record here in Fairbanks so it was awesome to get out. We got totally jerked around by Alaska Airlines (as usual...) but this time got some credit out of them. Not worth it but that's better than the usual short night of sleep. So, anyway, on to the trip!

We met up with our friend Abby and her boyfriend who came up to see us and hang out with some other friends and also saw Jessie's sister in-law and fiancee. It was pretty fun. One super highlight was seeing the biggest burrito of my life at a place up in Fremont. I thought at the time that it was like 15 inches long but I don't know, looks closer to a foot in this picture. Total mind blower though sizewise and also, quite tasty:

But, going to the market was pretty fun, too. We tootled around for several days wandering through downtown and going to see all the shops, did a little birthday shopping for Judy and Mary Ellen (happy birthday to both!). Here's the scene from one of the underground places:

We did a whole lot of walking which was awesome. Didn't rent a car or anything so it was pretty much walk central. Here's the view from someplace downtown after we'd been to the asian market, the library and Fry museum. At this point we were kind of wandering back towards the seattle center neck of the woods for a snack with Abby and Nick:

Here's a kind of cool sign. It was on the back of a Bolivian restaurant in the Pike's area.

I mentioned the library, people were raving the architecture of it so we wandered over to check it out. Lots of glass. The inside was neat although not as bright as you might expect for a place where lots of reading is happening. This is the view from outside at the underside of the building. The building has some funky angles to it plus glass everywhere you might imagine.

But of course there were all kinds of shops. The lord of the rings dudes were hanging around so I got a picture with them although I'm not actually sure if I've seen all of their movies. Like I think I must have although I can't really remember. Well, I am getting older now so it's okay to forget, right.

Lots of cool stuff to see but it was pretty rainy so didn't do much with the regular camera, just the waterproof one. We came down to get out of Fairbanks but one bonus of the trip was that Bloc Party was opening their spring tour in Seattle this past weekend so we got to their show. Bright Eyes was also in town and one of their instrumentalists went to school with Jessie, and all the other Nebraska people so that was an option, too, but we saw bloc party instead and that was totally awesome. It was in this old theater which was pretty cool and only held a couple thousand people.

Pretty high note to finish the weekend on! After the concert we were surrounded by minivans on the street. No surprise that we were among the older attendees. But kind of funny.

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